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Let's Begin Here

Updated: May 22, 2019

The word 'meditation' covers many mental experiences, but the goal of Buddhist meditation is to see things as they are; it is a state of awakened attention. And this is a very simple thing. it isn't complicated or difficult or something that takes years to achieve. It is so easy, in fact, that you don't even notice it.


For the next few minutes try to look inwards with this attitude of observing your mood, your mental quality, your emotional quality.


Let whatever mental states you are in - even your compulsive tendencies, your obsessive tendencies - be what they are rather than seeing them as 'there's something wrong with me! There's something I have to get rid of!' Allow even the bad habits, the bad thoughts, tensions, pain, sadness, loneliness or whatever, to be at this moment; allow the sense of letting go and let life be what it is.

Ajahn Sumedho: Don't Take Your Life Personally


If you have ever seen a blue heron standing on the edge of a pond you have seen stillness. It observes without motion, without self-consciousness, without distraction. It seems to become the watching itself. We can learn from it. We can become the observer without having to move in response to what we see.

On this page I'll post quotes from some of the many great teachers of the Path and offer my own commentary too. My goal is to help you along the way and also to expose you to some useful resources. If you read a particular author that speaks to you, I encourage you to get the book.


John Thomas Dodson

Blue Heron Mindfulness Living

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