During the month of October, I gave four mindfulness talks. They were a response to the challenges of living through these particularly stressful times.


Since then I've recorded each of those talks again, shortening them and making them available online.

You will find a description of each talk below and a link you can use to see them.

Be well and happy!

John Thomas Dodson, Founder

Blue Heron Mindfulness Living

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October Mindfulness Talks

Shiny Objects: How We Get Addicted to Distractions

This session explores our tendencies to turn away from what is happening right now. We'll look at how we miss the present moment and wander away from truly being here. We'll notice how we lose focus in our conversations and how we avoid things we find uncomfortable by distracting ourselves with something else. We'll learn a way of seeing clearly without adding stories. We'll explore methods of unhooking ourselves from clinging to distractions. As we develop this practice we can take more ownership of where we direct our attention. We'll begin to learn how to truly experience our lives more fully.

The Wisdom of Loss: Grieving, Letting Go and Going On

This period of the Covid-19 virus has been distinguished by each one of us losing things of value. Some of us have lost friends and family members, while others have lost jobs and economic security. All of us have lost the sense of normalcy we enjoyed before the virus changed our daily lives. This talk explores the process of grieving and also the danger of adding suffering to our lives by attaching to what we want to get back. We'll learn about riding these emotional waves and gaining new perspectives through the wisdom of loss.

Hula Hoops and Doorways: Working with Obstacles and Choice

This session explores how we get stuck and how mindfulness can help us get moving again. We'll look at creating healthy boundaries for ourselves while also accepting our limitations as we accept the truth that what is happening around us is not entirely within our control. We will begin to notice the possible doorways that could provide movement if we could get free enough of our self-created obstacles to actually go through them. This talk explores limitations, choice and reclaiming our freedom to act skillfully.

Loving Everyone...Except for....

Quarantines and curfews have separated some of us from our loved ones. Conversely it has also placed families in very close quarters for extended periods of time. How do we keep our most intimate relationships connected, healthy and loving under such conditions? We will look at the difference between loving everyone at a distance and facing the very human challenges of continuously relating to those nearest to us. We will also notice our own irritations, cabin-fever, and extended periods of stress and how they might affect those around us. This is a session on the practice of working with spaciousness, acceptance, bravery and kindness in our relationships with those nearest to us and to ourselves.